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Classification and application of bar screen

According to the size of the screen, bar screens are divided into three types: coarse bar screen, medium bar screen and fine bar screen.According to the cleaning method of bar screen , there are artificial bar screen and mechanical bar screen. The equipment is generally used on the inlet channel of sewage treatment or the entrance of the lifting pump station collection basin. The main function is to remove the large suspended or floating matter in the sewage, so as to reduce the processing load of the subsequent water treatment process and play a Protect water pumps, pipes, meters, etc. When the amount of intercepted grid slag is greater than 0.2m3/d, mechanical slag removal is generally adopted; when the grid slag amount is less than 0.2m3/d, the coarse grid can adopt manual slag cleaning or mechanical slag cleaning. Therefore, this design uses a mechanical bar screen.

The mechanical bar screen is the main equipment for the first process of sewage treatment in the sewage treatment plant, which is the main equipment for pretreatment. It plays a pivotal role in the subsequent process. The importance of water treatment structures for water supply and drainage projects is increasingly recognized by people. Practice has proved that the selection of the grille directly affects the operation of the entire water treatment implementation. The artificial grille is generally used in small sewage treatment stations with simple structure and high labor intensity. Mechanical coarse grids are generally used in large and medium-sized sewage treatment plants. This type of grid has a more complex structure and a higher degree of automation.

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