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Classifier Grit Spiral Sand Classifier Grit Hydrocyclone Separator

Short Description:

Grit Classifier is also known as a grit screw, grit separator which are used at wastewater plants at the headworks (front end of the plant) to help separate the grit from organics and water. Grit removal needs to be done at the headworks of plants to help reduce wear to upstream pumps and mechanical equipment. Grit can also cause pipe blockage and reduce the effective volume of the treatment basins. Grit classifiers usually consist of a hopper positioned on top of an inclined screw conveyor. Typically grit classifiers are made of stainless steel housing and have a high strength abrasion resistant fights on the screw because of the abrasive application.

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Product Features

1.Separation efficiency can reach 96 ~ 98%, and particles with a particle size of ≥0.2mm can be separated.
2. It separates and transports sands spirally. It is light because of no underwater bearing which makes its maintenance more convenient.
3. The adoption of new decelerator makes the structure very compact, the operation smooth and the installation more convenient.
4. The using of the flexible bars in U groove, which are wear-resisting, makes the separator work with lower noise, and replace of these bars easily.
5. The whole set enjoys simple installation and easy operation.
6. The sand classifier can be used in many fields, from waste water treatment plants, chemical industry, paper plants, recycling plants to agri-foods, etc. This is the result of advantages such as high performance-cost ratio, easy operation, easy installation and low maintenance needs.

Product Features

Typical Applications

This is a kind of advanced solid-liquid separation device in water treatment, which can continuously and automatically remove debris from wastewater for sewage pretreatment. It is mainly used in municipal sewage treatment plants, residential quarters sewage pretreatment devices, municipal sewage pumping stations, waterworks and power plants, also it can widely be applied to water treatment projects of various industries, such as  textile, printing and dyeing, food, fishery, paper, wine, butchery, curriery etc.


Technical Parameters

Model HLSF-260 HLSF-320 HLSF-360 HLSF-420
Diameter of Screw(mm) 220 280 320 380
Capacity(L/S) 5/12 12/20 20-27 27-35
Motor Power (KW) 0.37 0.37 0.75 0.75
RPM(r/min) 5 5 4.8 4.8

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