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New Technology Dissolved Oxygen Micro Nano Bubble Generator

Short Description:

Nano Bubble Generator is presented by HOLLY,a promising CE and ISO certificated product utilized with its own nano bubble technology,its application range is particularly wide in different industries and has huge development potential as the functional properties of nano bubble: bubbles with anion,bubbles explosion with antiseptic effect,dissolved oxygen in water increasing rapidly,high efficiency and energy saving in water treatment. Advanced & mature technology and development continuing to expand its application range,market will grow.The nano bubble generator could work separately or work together with its corresponding models of Oxygen Generator or Ozone Generator which could replace the current high-pressure decompression dissolved flotation of fine bubbles and part of the aeration equipment.

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Product Features

1.High-pressure liquid gas mixing and vortex cutting technology, high density of nano bubble, non-clogging and easy to maintain.
2.Bubble diameter of 80nm ~ 20pm, saturated water can be quickly produced with fantastic gas-liquid dissolving effect.
3.24/7 automatically running,stable performance,high efficiency,low energy consumptionjow noise.


Nano bubble generator for effluent treatment
Wastewater treatment will have a nano scale mixing liquid and gas, greatly improve the water solubility from bottom to top. The residence time of nano bubbles in the water 100 times longer that ordinary bubbles,achieving the goal of overall aerobic.


Typical Applications

1.Water Pollution & Wastewater treatment
Nano Bubble can enrich dissolved oxygẹn in water efficiently and stay durably so that activate aerobic biological treatment better. Nano Bubbles take negative electrostatic charge and absorb positively electrostatic charged pallutants in wạter and remove it in order to do floatation separation efficiently. Nano Bubbles are generated simply without a heavy equipment and make high effect efficiently so that you can save the working time and operation cost of the wastewatertreatment.

Nano Bubbles can supply and enrich dissolved oxygen in water so that can purify and sterilize the water efficiently. Nano Bubble can grow healthy fishes faster to use less fish feed and drug of the nursery. Nano Bubbles can save the working time and operationcost.

3.Hydroponics - Nano Bubbles can supply and enrich dissolved oxygen in water so that can accelerate growth of vegetables and bring a high yield. Nano Bubbles can also enhance sterilizing effect in water. Characteristic of vegetable grown by nano bubbles are large, lush and tasty.

Technical Parameters

HLYZ-001 HLYZ-002 HLYZ-006 HLYZ-012
Capacity(m3/h) 1 2 6 12
Voltage(V) 220/380 220/380 220/380 220/380
Power(kW) 0.5 1.1 3 5.5
Dimensions(mm) 630*500*770 630*500*770 860*700*980 1040*780*1080
Working Temps(℃) 0-100 0-100 0-100 0-100
Coverage Water(m3/day) 120 240 720 1440
Bubble Diameter(nm/μm) 80nm-20μm 80nm-20μm 80nm-20μm 80nm-20μm
Gas-liquid Mixure Ratio 1:8-1:12 1:8-1:12 1:8-1:12 1:8-1:12
Gas-liquid Dissolving Rate >95% >95% >95% >95%

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