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Mechanical External Feed Rotary Drum Filter Screen

Short Description:

Drum filter screen is suitable for the solid-liquid separation of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage. The machine consists of a rotating wedge wire drum with slots starting from 0.15mm up to 5mm which run down the length of the drum allowing for screening from inside to out.

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Product Features

1.The material is high-strength and corrosion-resistant stainless steel; Less used field area; Convenient construction; It can be directly fixed with expansion bolts without channel construction; Inlet and outlet water can be connected with pipes. 
2.The screen will not be blocked by waste solid because the machine is inverted trapezoid cross section
3.The machine is controlled by adjustable-speed motor, which can maintain optimum working condition according to water flow. 
4.Special washing device can brush away the impurities on the surface of screen, after twice internal brush, it will achieve the best cleaning effect. 

Product Features

Typical Applications

This is a kind of advanced solid-liquid separation device in water treatment, which can continuously and automatically remove debris from wastewater for sewage pretreatment. It is mainly used in municipal sewage treatment plants, residential quarters sewage pretreatment devices, municipal sewage pumping stations, waterworks and power plants, also it can widely be applied to water treatment projects of various industries, such as  textile, printing and dyeing, food, fishery, paper, wine, butchery, curriery etc.


Technical Parameters

Model Screen Size Power Material Backwash water Dimension(mm)
Flow m3/h Pressure MPa
HlWLW-300 φ300*500mm
0.55KW SS304 2.5-3 ≥0.4 760*700*1200
HlWLW-400 φ400*600mm
0.55KW SS304 2.5-3 ≥0.4 860*800*1300
HlWLW-500 φ500*750mm
0.75KW SS304 2.5-3 ≥0.4 1050*900*1500
HlWLW-600 φ600*900mm
0.75KW SS304 3.5-4 ≥0.4 1160*1000*1500
HlWLW-700 φ700*1000mm
0.75KW SS304 3.5-4 ≥0.4 1260*1100*1600
HlWLW-800 φ800*1200mm
1.1KW SS304 4.5-5 ≥0.4 1460*1200*1700
HlWLW-900 φ900*1350mm
1.5KW SS304 4.5-5 ≥0.4 1600*1300*1800
HlWLW-1000 φ1000*1500mm
1.5KW SS304 4.5-5 ≥0.4 1600*1300*1800

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