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Multi-disc Sludge Dewatering Screw Press Machine

Short Description:

HLDS Multi-disc Sludge Dewatering Screw Press belongs to the screw press, it’s clog-free and can reduce the sedimentation tank and sludge thickening tank, saving the cost of sewage plant construction. HLDS using screw and the moving rings to clean itself as clog-free structure, and controlled by the PLC automatically, it’s a new technology that can replace the traditional filter press like belt press and frame press, the screw speed is very low, so it cost low power and water consumption in contrast to the centrifuge, it is a cutting edge sluge dewatering machine.

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Working Principle:

The conditioned sludge flows into the filter zones from the flocculation tank and is pushed forward to the discharging end. With the gaps between the thread of the shaft is getting even narrower the pressure on the sludge is getting higher and higher. Than the water is separated from the sludge and flows out from the gaps between the moving rings and fixed rings. The movement of the moving rings will clean the gaps between moving and fixed rings and prevent the machine from blockage ..

The filtered sludge cakes will be pushed forward by the finally discharged from the end



Configurating exclusive spiral plate for pre-concentration and better for treating low concentration sludge.
Replacing gravity type dehydrator to realize efficient concentration of sludge.
Flocculation and concentration operating together makes dewatering easy.
Optimize concentration of slurry for dewatering with solenoid control valve.


1. Rings substitute filter cloth, self cleaning, no clogging, easy treatment .
The dewatering screw press allows continuous operation with no clogging due to the moving of the fixed rings and moving rings cleaning it self. Therefore, it’s especially good at oily sludge with excellent performance. Moreover, it doesn’t need additional water for high-pressure cleaning so that no small or secondary pollution will be produced.


2. Low speed operation, low noise, low energy consumption, only 1/8 of the belt type, 1/20 of the centrifuge.


3. Reduce the cost of infrastructure investment, improved the result of treatment
The dewatering screw press can directly treat the sludge from the aeration tank and the sedimentation tank
so that the sludge thickening tank is not needed any more.
Therefore, the construction cost can be greatly reduced and well avoided the phosphorus releasing problem.
Saving the cost of sludge thickening tank and other equipments investment.
Occupy smaller area, reduce construction investment for dewatering.


4. Fully automatic control, easy operation and maintenance.
The dewatering screw press has no easy-blocking components like filter cloth or filtration pore inside.
Its operation is safe and easy. It also can be set to operate automatically via the elec-control cabinet.



The Sludge Dewatering Screw Press can be widely used for various wastewater treatment systems such as municipal, petrochemical, chemical fiber, paper making, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial water treatment system. Also it can be used for Dairy Farm Manure Treatment, Palm Oil Sludge, Septic Sludge, etc. The practical operation shows that Dewatering Screw Press can bring considerable economic and social benefits for users.


Technical Parameters

Type Raw wastewater/Waste actived sludge/Chemically precipitated sludge Dissolved-air sludge Mixed raw sludge
Sludge concentration(TS) 0.20% 1.00% 2.00% 5.00% 3.00%
HLDS-131 ~4kg-DS/h(~2.0m³/h) ~6kg-DS/h(~0.6m³/h) ~10kg-DS/h(~0.5m³/h) ~20kg-DS/h(~0.4m³/h) ~26kg-DS/h(~0.87m³/h)
HLDS-132 ~8kg-DS/h(~4.0m³/h) ~12kg-DS/h(~1.2m³/h) ~20kg-DS/h(~1.0m³/h) ~40kg-DS/h(~0.5m³/h) ~52kg-DS/h(~1.73m³/h)
HLDS-133 ~12kg-DS/h(~6.0m³/h) ~18kg-DS/h(~1.8m³/h) ~30kg-DS/h(~1.5m³/h) ~60kg-DS/h(~1.2m³/h) ~72kg-DS/h(~2.61m³/h)
HLDS-201 ~8kg-DS/h(~4.0m³/h) ~12kg-DS/h(~1.2m³/h) ~20kg-DS/h(~1.0m³/h) ~40kg-DS/h(~0.8m³/h) ~52kg-DS/h(~1.73m³/h)
HLDS-202 ~16kg-DS/h(~8.0m³/h) ~24kg-DS/h(~2.4m³/h) ~40kg-DS/h(~2.0m³/h) ~80kg-DS/h(~1.6m³/h) ~104kg-DS/h(~3.47m³/h)
HLDS-203 ~24kg-DS/h(~12.0m³/h) ~36kg-DS/h(~3.6m³/h) ~60kg-DS/h(~3.0m³/h) ~120kg-DS/h(~2.4m³/h) ~156kg-DS/h(~5.20m³/h)
HLDS-301 ~20kg-DS/h(~10.0m³/h) ~30kg-DS/h(~3.0m³/h) ~50kg-DS/h(~2.5m³/h) ~100kg-DS/h(~2.0m³/h) ~130kg-DS/h(~4.33m³/h)
HLDS-302 ~40kg-DS/h(~20.0m³/h) ~60kg-DS/h(~6.0m³/h) ~100kg-DS/h(~5.0m³/h) ~200kg-DS/h(~4.0m³/h) ~260kg-DS/h(~8.67m³/h)
HLDS-303 ~60kg-DS/h(~30.0m³/h) ~90kg-DS/h(~9.0m³/h) ~150kg-DS/h(~7.5m³/h) ~300kg-DS/h(~6.0m³/h) ~390kg-DS/h(~13.0m³/h)
HLDS-304 ~80kg-DS/h(~40.0m³/h) ~120kg-DS/h(~12.0m³/h) ~200kg-DS/h(~10.0m³/h) ~400kg-DS/h(~8.0m³/h) ~520kg-DS/h(~17.3m³/h)
HLDS-351 ~40kg-DS/h(~20.0m³/h) ~60kg-DS/h(~6.0m³/h) ~100kg-DS/h(~5.0m³/h) ~200kg-DS/h(~4.0m³/h) ~260kg-DS/h(~8.67m³/h)
HLDS-352 ~80kg-DS/h(~40.0m³/h) ~120kg-DS/h(~12.0m³/h) ~200kg-DS/h(~10.0m³/h) ~400kg-DS/h(~8.0m³/h) ~520kg-DS/h(~17.3m³/h)
HLDS-353 ~120kg-DS/h(~60.0m³/h) ~180kg-DS/h(~18.0m³/h) ~300kg-DS/h(~15.0m³/h) ~600kg-DS/h(~12.0m³/h) ~780kg-DS/h(~26.0m³/h)
HLDS-354 ~160kg-DS/h(~80.0m³/h) ~240kg-DS/h(~24.0m³/h) ~400kg-DS/h(~20.0m³/h) ~800kg-DS/h(~16.0m³/h) ~1040kg-DS/h(~34.68m³/h)
HLDS-401 ~70kg-DS/h(~35.0m³/h) ~100kg-DS/h(~10m³/h) ~170kg-DS/h(~8.5m³/h) ~340kg-DS/h(~6.5m³/h) ~442kg-DS/h(~16.0m³/h)
HLDS-402 ~135kg-DS/h(~67.5m³/h) ~200kg-DS/h(~20.0m³/h) ~340kg-DS/h(~17.0m³/h) ~680kg-DS/h(~13.6m³/h) ~884kg-DS/h(~29.5m³/h)
HLDS-403 ~200kg-DS/h(~100m³/h) ~300kg-DS/h(~30.0m³/h) ~510kg-DS/h(~25.5m³/h) ~1020kg-DS/h(~20.4m³/h) ~1326kg-DS/h(~44.2m³/h)
HLDS-404 ~266kg-DS/h(~133m³/h) ~400kg-DS/h(~40.0m³/h) ~680kg-DS/h(~34.0m³/h) ~1360kg-DS/h(~27.2m³/h) ~1768kg-DS/h(~58.9m³/h)
Type Discharge
Dimension Weight(kg) Total
Washing water
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Empty Operation
HLDS-131 250 1860 750 1080 180 300 0.2 24
HLDS-132 250 1960 870 1080 250 425 0.3 48
HLDS-133 250 1960 920 1080 330 580 0.4 72
HLDS-201 350 2510 900 1300 320 470 1.1 32
HLDS-202 350 2560 1050 1300 470 730 1.65 64
HLDS-203 350 2610 1285 1300 650 1100 2.2 96
HLDS-301 495 3330 1005 1760 850 1320 1.3 40
HLDS-302 495 3530 1290 1760 1300 2130 2.05 80
HLDS-303 495 3680 1620 1760 1750 2880 2.8 120
HLDS-304 495 3830 2010 1760 2300 3850 3.55 160
HLDS-351 585 4005 1100 2130 1100 1900 1.3 72
HLDS-352 585 4390 1650 2130 1900 3200 2.05 144
HLDS-353 585 4520 1980 2130 2550 4600 2.8 216
HLDS-354 585 4750 2715 2130 3200 6100 3.55 288
HLDS-401 759 4680 1110 2100 1600 3400 1.65 80
HLDS-402 759 4960 1760 2100 2450 5200 2.75 160
HLDS-403 759 5010 2585 2100 3350 7050 3.85 240
HLDS-404 759 5160 3160 2100 4350 9660 4.95 320

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