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EPDM Membrane Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

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Fine bubble disc diffuser features a unique split pattern and slit shapes, which can disperse air bubbles in an extremely fine and uniform pattern for high oxygen transfer efficiency. A much highly effective and integrated check valve enables the aeration zones to be easily shut down for air-on/air-off applications. It can be operated over a wide range of airflows with minimum maintenance for long term performance.

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Product Features

1.Low resistance loss
2.Highly tear resistant
3.Anti-clogging, anti-backflow
4.Ageing-resistant, anti-corrosion
5.High efficiency,energy-saving
6.Long service life,low maintance
7.Compact structure,strong support

Product Features (2)
Product Features (1)


Epdm can resist heat, light, oxygen, especially ozone. Epdm is essentially non-polarity, polarity solution and chemicalresistant, bibulous is low, it has good insulating properties.
Insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical properties stable, except strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid not react with any material.
①High and low temperature resistant, working temperature can be 250ºC, good mechanical toughness; even if temperature drops to -196ºC also can keep 5% elongation.
②Corrosion - resistence to most chemical and solvents, showing inertia, strong acid resistance, water and various organic solvents.
③High lubrication - the lowest friction coefficient in solid materials.
④Non- adhesion - is the smallest surface tension in a solid material and does not adhere to any substance







Typical Applications

1.Aeration of fishpond and other applications
2.Aeration of deep aeration basin
3.Aeration for excreta and animal waste water treatment plant
4.Aeration for denitrification/dephosphorization aerobic processes
5.Aeration for high concentration waste water aeration basin,and aeration for regulating pond of waste water treatment plant
6.Aeration for SBR,MBBR reaction basin,contact oxidation pond;activated sludge aeration basin in sewage disposal plant

Typical Parameters

Model HLBQ-170 HLBQ-215 HLBQ-270 HLBQ-350 HLBQ-650
Bubble Type Coarse Bubble Fine Bubble Fine Bubble Fine Bubble Fine Bubble
Image 1 3 2 4 5
Size 6 inch 8 inch 9 inch 12 inch 675*215mm
MOC EPDM/Silicone/PTFE – ABS/Strengthened PP-GF
Connector 3/4''NPT male thread
Membrane Thickness 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm
Bubble Size 4-5mm 1-2mm 1-2mm 1-2mm 1-2mm
Design Flow 1-5m3/h 1.5-2.5m3/h 3-4m3/h 5-6m3/h 6-14m3/h
Flow Range 6-9m3/h 1-6m3/h 1-8m3/h 1-12m3/h 1-16m3/h
SOTE ≥10% ≥38% ≥38% ≥38% ≥40%
(6m submerged) (6m submerged) (6m submerged) (6m submerged) (6m submerged)
SOTR ≥0.21kg O2/h ≥0.31kg O2/h ≥0.45kg O2/h ≥0.75kg O2/h ≥0.99kg O2/h
SAE ≥7.5kg O2/kw.h ≥8.9kg O2/kw.h ≥8.9kg O2/kw.h ≥8.9kg O2/kw.h ≥9.2kg O2/kw.h
Headloss 2000-3000Pa 1500-4300Pa 1500-4300Pa 1500-4300Pa 2000-3500Pa
Service Area 0.5-0.8m2/pcs 0.2-0.64m2/pcs 0.25-1.0m2/pcs 0.4-1.5m2/pcs 0.5-0.25m2/pcs
Service Life >5 years

Packing & Delivery

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