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Characteristics of micro nano bubble generator

With the discharge of industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and agricultural water, water eutrophication and other problems are becoming more and more serious. Some rivers and lakes even have black and smelly water quality and a large number of aquatic organisms have died.

There are many river treatment equipment, nano bubble generator is a very important one. How does a nano-bubble generator work compared to an ordinary aerator? What are the advantages? Today, I will introduce to you!
1. What are Nanobubbles?
There are many tiny bubbles in the water body, which can provide oxygen to the water body and purify the water body. The so-called nanobubbles are bubbles with a diameter of less than 100nm. The nano bubble generator uses this principle to purify water.
2. What are the characteristics of nanobubbles?
(1) The surface area is relatively increased
Under the condition of the same volume of air, the number of nano-bubbles is much more, the surface area of bubbles is correspondingly increased, the total area of bubbles in contact with water is also larger, and various biochemical reactions are also exponentially increased. The effect of water purification is more obvious.
(2) The nano-bubbles rise more slowly
The size of the nano-bubbles is small, the rise rate is slow, the bubble stays in the water for a long time, and considering the increase in the specific surface area, the dissolution capacity of the micro-nano bubbles is increased by 200,000 times than that of the general air.
(3) Nano bubbles can be automatically pressurized and dissolved
The dissolution of nano-bubbles in water is a process of gradual shrinkage of bubbles, and the rise of pressure will increase the dissolution rate of gas. With the increase of surface area, the shrinking speed of bubbles will become faster and faster, and finally dissolve into water. Theoretically, the pressure of bubbles is infinite when they are about to disappear. Nano-bubbles have the characteristics of slow rise and self-pressurization dissolution, which can greatly improve the solubility of gases (air, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, etc.) in water.
(4) The surface of the nano-bubble is charged
The gas-liquid interface formed by nano-bubbles in water is more attractive to anions than cations, so the surface of the bubbles is often negatively charged, so that the nano-bubbles can adsorb organic matter in water, and can also play a role in bacteriostasis.

Post time: Sep-15-2023