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Mechanical Bar Screen

Product Description


HLCF Mechanical Bar Screen is provided with several special-shaped teeth which are assembled on the teeth axis based on certain ordering, forming the sealed teeth chain. The lower part is installed in the water inlet. If the chain wheel rotates directionally with even speed, the whole rake chain will move accordingly. Under such circumstance, the solid sundries attached on the tooth will be separated from liquid and the fluid will flow away through the gap. When rake chain arrives at its upper end , each group of rakes will carry on self cleaning by dropping out most of the solid material under gravity and guideline rail, while the rest of the solid will be tidied clean by back running brush. The whole process is carried out continuously and automatically so as to achieve the goal of solid-liquid separation.

Technical parameters

Note:Pis calculate by H=5.0m.for every 1m H increased,then P total=P1(P2)+△P

trake tooth    coarde.t=150mm



♦ The driving unit is directly driven by cycloidal gear reducer or helical gear reducer which shows the nature of working stability, low noise, big load capability    and high efficiency in conveying.

♦ Simple structure with compact size, easy to install and move. Device can self-clean up while working, easy to maintain.

♦ Easy to operate, can be controlled directly on the spot or remote.

♦ Include overload protection device, machine will shut down automatically when malfunction happens to avoid damage.

♦ When the device width exceeds 1500mm, will be made into parallel machine to ensure the overall strength.

Packing & Delivery

Typical Applications

This is a kind of advanced solid-liquid separation device in water treatment, which can continuously and automatically remove debris from wastewater for sewage pretreatment. It is mainly used in municipal sewage treatment plants, residential quarters sewage pretreatment devices, municipal sewage pumping stations, waterworks and power plants, also it can widely be applied to water treatment projects of various industries, such as  textile, printing and dyeing, food, fishery, paper, wine, butchery, curriery etc.

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