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Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Scenario: A city sewage treatment plant faced many problems, thus discharged BOD and TSS not meet emission standards. Sewage treatment plant pool 3-8 feet (0.91m-2.44m) of sludge sedimentation, resulting in decreased ability to run. Have felt the stench of the community, foams and filamentous bacteria problem has plagued the plant. A local beverage bottling plants will also be high BOD waste water discharge to the sewage treatment plant. Advice to investment programs and excavation equipment sludge deposition solution cost is too high.

Methods: We present the entire system joined the company's product program. We propose that the first sowing, and then added to the product per week for maintenance purpose of doing so is:

1) reduce the BOD and TSS indicators

2) maintain system stability

3) reduction, removal of ammonia

4) reduce the overall amount of sludge sedimentation

5) to improve sewage treatment capacity and efficiency

6) to improve the emergency response capacity plant

Results: A month later, BOD and TSS high index of the sewage treatment plant in two years came down. Stench disappear completely. Foams and filamentous bacteria greatly reduced. 6 months when BOD and TSS reached historic lows. No stench. Overall more than 35% reduction in sludge sedimentation. Although the beverage bottling plant wastewater emissions during this period of high BOD and TSS reached a record high, but the sewage treatment plant has been affected. Again confirmed the product in a wide range of conditions for the successful application of its considerable economic benefits.


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